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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results begin with 'search'
kb. pencaharian, pengejaran (for a lost child, dog). penggeledahan (of a house). penyelusuran, penyelidikan (for information). penyelidikan, penelitian (for a cure). -searching kb. penggeledahan (of a house). --ks. menyorot dengan tajam (of eye).
search (in pocket
Search and Rescue Distress
kb. SAR
search coil
kb. kumparan pencari
search for
kkt. mencari-cari
search heart
kkt. menyelidiki pribadi
search high and low
kkt. mencari di mana-mana

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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results with all of the words 'search'
narrow search
pencarian dgn sungguh2
surat izin menggeledah
executive search
kb. pencari tenaga executive
house search
kb. penggeledahan di rumah
hyperbolic search
kb. pencarian hiperbolik
in search of
ks. mencari-cari
only in search of
ks. hanya untuk mencari


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