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Kamus Orisinil is a free online multilingual dictionary.

You can use this kamus online from your mobile device. Find out...


Get more results with reverse searching

You can get more results by enabling the reverse searching. By enabling it, the Kamus will search into any related dictionaries to your current dictionary. It works by searching on the second field (meaning field), instead of the first field (phrase field), and give you more results when available.

By default, reverse searching is disabled. Please go to the Options Page to enable it.

Database update: 66,434 new records added

OpenSearch plugins for Firefox and IE7

Now, you can search Kamus Orisinil directly from your browser. First, you have to install these plugins to a browser that supports OpenSearch, like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.

Open the "OpenSearch plugins" page to read further information about installing the plugins.

Update: 101,752 records added

101,752 records just added to the English to Indonesia Dictionary.

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Update: Find results with all of the words

The search code has been upgraded. Now, Kamus Online Orisinil will try to find results with all of the words you entered. It works with MySQL's Full-Text Search. It works only if a word has four character minimum length and not in the stopword list.

If the code can find the results, another new section will be displayed on the results. Try to search for "test" to find out how the results will be.

See also Full text search - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The new version has been released!

I'm very proud to announce you the new version of Kamus Orisinil. I have been working hard to bring you this version. Special thanks to my beloved wife who supports me all the time :).

I keep the idea to make this kamus as a multilingual dictionary. For now, this online dictionary has 2 languages (english and indonesia) and more than 82 thousands records. In the future, new languages and records will be added, and more capabitilies will be present.

The code is valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS.

Enjoy It !

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