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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results begin with 'important'
ks. penting. He looks i. Lagaknya/Tingkah lakunya spt orang yg berkuasa/ berkedudukan penting.
important and often unpleasant
ks. penting dan kadang tidak menyenangkan
important effect
kb. efek penting
important features
kb. hal-hal penting
important that
ks. penting bahwa
important to
penting bagi
important to each other
kk. penting bagi semua

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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results with all of the words 'important'
bot important
all important
ks. terpenting
an important role to play
kb. sebuah peran yang penting untuk dipegang
another important
ks. penting yang lain
as important as
ks. sepenting seperti
as important to
ks. sama pentingnya bagi


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