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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results begin with 'letter'
kb. surat. huruf. isi. Sport: medali (in school). -letters j. kesusasteraan. --kkt. menulis huruf. -lettering kb. bentuk huruf-huruf, tulisan.
letter bag
kb. kantong surat
letter box
kb. kotak pos
letter carrier
kb. tukang pos
letter of administration
kb. surat kuasa administrasi
letter of affirmation
kb. surat pengakuan
letter of application
kb. surat permohonan

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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results with all of the words 'letter'
dunning letter
surat penagihan
letter of the alphabet
news letter
laporan berkala
red-letter day
hari di mana peristiwa penting/menyenangkan tjd
a letter to the effect that
ks. surat yang menyatakan bahwa
a red letter day
kb. hari besar
air letter
kb. warkat pos udara


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