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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results begin with 'times'
kb. [kali;zaman]. waktu
times as great as
ks. kali lebih besar dibanding
times each
ks. kali setiap
times of
ks. jam
times over
kb. kali lipat
times the size of
ks. kali ukuran
times without number
kk. berulang kali

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Dictionary: English to Indonesia - results with all of the words 'times'
many times
abreast of the times
kkt. tahu akan tuntutan jaman
abreasted of the times
kki. tahu akan tuntutan jaman
ancient times
kb. zaman lampau
appraisal times
kk. waktu penilaian
at all times
kk. terus menerus
at odd times
kk. kadang-kadang, adakalanya


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